How to play

  1. Each week we host a Lott-O-Luck Challenge.
  2. First, the Game Master randomly selects a Lotto-O-Luck Partner somewhere in the world, as the Mystery Partner.
  3. When the Lotto-O-Luck Challenge begins, players are given clues twice a day to help them figure out the location of the Mystery Partner. 
  4. Clues will tell players the type of business but not the exact location.
  5. After each clue is given, all players are required to spend a minimum of USD $25.00 with the business they think is the Mystery Partner, to participate in the Lott-O-Luck Challenge. This can be done online or by visiting the actual location of the partner.
  6. As verificationplayers must upload a photo/screenshot of a receipt to the Lott-O-Luck Game Page, as proof that they patronized the business of the Mystery Partner.
  7. If there is no winner, the Game Master will continue to give location clues to make it easier for players to figure out the Mystery Partner, until there is a winner.
  8. The first Lotto-O-Luck Player to upload a receipt from the Mystery Partner is the winner.

    The Lott-O-Luck Buddy who referred the winner also wins a prize.

At the end of each game, players are required to delete all photos before starting the next game.

Lott-O-Luck Buddies

If the clues suggest that the Mystery Partner is in another city/country, Lott-O-Luck Players can invite their friends in that to subscribe of their Lott-O-Luck Buddies

If one of your Lott-O-Luck Buddy wins a prize, you will win one also.

The more Lott-O-Luck Buddies you have, the more chances you have to win.

Prize Categories

Prizes are sponsored by our Lott-O-Luck Partners and include include Holidays, Tours, Spa Treatments, Designer Clothes, Shoes, Dinners, TV's, Mobile Phones, iPads, Computers and other amazing consumer products and services.

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Game Rules

    1. There is no cost to play Lott-O-Luck.
    2. Players are not required to give any bank account or credit card details.
    3. Players are not required to give any details of their passport, driver's license or other ID documents.
    4. All players must subscribe to the Lott-O-Luck website.
    5. Profiles must subscribe with their correct name and photo, in order to claim a prize.
    6. Prizes are transferable to other subscribed players.
    7. Players must refer a minimum of 1 Lott-O-Luck Buddy in order to claim prizes.

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