Lott-O-Luck Prize Sponsors

Sponsor a Lott-O-Luck prize and boost your exposure and visibility

Attention Business Owners Worldwide!

Participate in the new Lott-O-Luck game by sponsoring one or more prizes from your company's line of products, services or activities.

This will give your bsiness a significant boost in exposure and visibility.


The prizes may include the following products:

  1. Cars
  2. Airline tickets
  3. Hotel Accommodation
  4. Holiday Tours
  5. Tickets To Events
  6. Spa Treatments
  7. Designer Clothes
  8. Shoes
  9. Dinners
  10. Drinks
  11. TV's
  12. Mobile Phones
  13. iPads
  14. Computers
  15. Appliances
  16. Toys
  17. Gadgets
  18. Free Advertising
  19. Free services
  20. Etc.

You can sponsor as many prizes as you want, in any category and at any value.

No prize is too small.

How to subscribe as a prize sponsor

To become a Lott-O-Luck Prize Sponsor, simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Sign up FREE as a Lott-O-Luck Prize Sponsor on our website.
  2. Upload a photo of each product, service or item you are sponsoring to our website.
  3. Include a full description and regular retail value of the prize.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Uploading a photo of a prize is a confirmation by the sponsor that the prize is available to be given away by the Game Partner.
  2. Lott-O-Luck Sponsors must not upload photos of any products/services that are NOT available as Lott-o-Luck prizes.
  3. When a prize is no longer available, Lott-O-Luck Sponsors are required to delete the corresponding photo.
  4. Lott-O-Luck Prize Sponsors are responsible for all posting/shipping costs to deliver prizes directly to the winners, if applicable.
  5. Lott-O-Luck Game Partners must promote the name, type of business and web address of the Lott-O-Luck Sponsor when a prize is won. This promotion is done on the social media network and website of the game partner.
  6. The management of Lott-O-Luck will also promote the name, type of business and web address of the Lott-O-Luck Sponsor when a prize is won. This promotion is done on the main Lott-O-Luck website at Lottoluckgame.com

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